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The Ultimate Gentle Yoga Program for Older Women | DVD and Immediate Online Access

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The Most Comprehensive Gentle Yoga Program, Designed Specifically for Older Women

Are you serious about giving your body the love and attention that it deserves? Do you want to reduce stiffness, improve your balance, flexibility, and confidence in the easiest possible way? Then, our Ultimate Gentle Yoga Program is for you! Scroll down for full preview videos.

Get Moving Again from the Comfort and Safety of Your Home

Feeling sensitive about everything that's going on in the world right now? Stuck inside, but, want to stay active and fit? Love gentle yoga but can no longer attend a group practice? Our gentle yoga classes can help!

Get strong and healthy to handle whatever the world throws at you. Experience how gentle yoga can help you stay mobile and fit.

Over 10 Hours of Gentle Yoga Practice

Get started with yoga using a chair for a little extra support with our Chair Yoga series. It offers over 2 hours of gentle chair yoga poses that you can do from the comfort of your favorite chair.

When you are ready to take the next step, our Gentle Yoga series will focus on one specific body area at a time. Whether you have tightness in your lower back or want to bring flexibility back into your legs, these videos will help.

Finally, our Yoga Flows series will help you to pull everything that you have learned together into harmonious movements that will soothe your body and mind. 

This collection of Gentle Yoga videos includes 15 classes. It's a perfect progression with 10 hours of gentle yoga practice, designed exclusively for us older women.

An Unbelievable Value!

After decades on this beautiful planet of ours, it is natural to have built-up tension in your body. Movement is especially important now as we are stuck inside.

These 15 blissful yoga practices will show you how to reduce the stiffness in your body, while releasing positive energy. They will help you to soothe your joints, spine, shoulders and neck, increase the flexibility in your hips and legs, improve your balance and reconnect with every part of your body.

Start the journey to a healthier, happier you. Your body and mind will thank you!

Check Out These Sample Practices

We hope that the following previews give you a sense of why we love this yoga program. More importantly, we hope that they inspire you to get started on your journey to health and happiness today!

Practice Anytime, Anywhere

When you purchase this program, you will receive online access to the program right away. No passwords, no hassle - just one click on your computer, tablet, or phone... and you can begin your practice!

Is your Internet not stable enough for streaming? We have you covered! Please reach out and we will provide the downloadable files. Alternatively, you can choose the DVD option - shipping's on us! Please note though, that during the coronavirus crisis and upcoming holiday season, the delivery may take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks.

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

Isn’t it time that you did something for yourself? Isn’t it time that you reconnected with your body and gave it what it needs to feel great again? Our gentle yoga program is a great place to start, and you can begin right now!

Read Some of the Reviews

More than 20,000 women tried this program and so many reported the life-changing effects of this practice. Please check out some of the reviews below.

"I think both videos that I purchased were phenomenal! Being very overweight, and having hip bursitis, I didn't believe I could ever improve my physical conditions. I wake up every day with hip pain, and I am very stiff. The videos have helped me regain some flexibility in my hip joints, and my pain is minimal now. The value of these easy yoga for seniors DVDs is much higher than the cost! I felt this was the best investment I have made in an exercise visit."

“The gentle yoga series has quite literally changed my life. I’m a former competitive amateur athlete who was seriously injured in February 2019. Not only did it end my competitive days, I no longer could walk. [...] I’m completely embarrassed to say that I needed to begin with the chair yoga. But, in short order, it improved my general wellbeing and my mobility. I’m now doing the gentle chair and standing combination. The difference in my mobility is astounding. I can’t thank you enough for the resource you have provided me.”

"I have only been using this product consistently since July of 2016 and within a month I felt far less pain. I can sleep lying down flat (which I could not do before), I can walk around the house and my work site without sticks the majority of the time, my posture has improved and my flexibility is greater. What I really appreciate about this series is it goes at my pace. The instructor encourages me to do what I can, a little bit at a time and to have faith in myself."

"I have recommended this video to many of my friends who are amazed I am doing so much better. I know it will take time but I am very pleased that my mobility has improved. The cost is reasonable and the value for the money is priceless. I have bought this product for two of my sisters and they have remarked it is very helpful in lowering their pain and improving their joints and movement. Thank you so much for offering these senior yoga classes. They are truly life-changing."

"Very easy to follow and gentle yoga. I feel wonderful each time afterward. Best thing I could have done for myself. Cat has a lovely calming voice and the surroundings are so beautiful. I feel so much more relaxed and all my aches and pains have almost vanished. After two weeks of daily yoga, my back pain and swollen legs at night are so much better. I think anybody regardless of age can benefit from these very easy to follow moves."

"This is the first yoga program I have tried that doesn't try to turn me into a pretzel. I have back issues and I am very stiff and inflexible and this program makes me more limber and my life - less painful."

The videos are great. These yoga classes are helping me so much. I have a partial tear to some muscles on my rotator cuff. The surgeon said it would heal in time. With the help of the videos, and being mindful not to overdo, my muscles are releasing. The pain is subsiding with out have to take medication! I am so very thankful!”

"This is just what I needed! So many trainers and exercise programs do not understand the aging body; this program does. Tonight I practiced the Spine session. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I had a backache and after doing this session, there was no more pain. I love that I can do this at home on my own time. Thank you for thinking of the older people who want to get the most out of life without going to a gym or paying a (young) trainer who just does not understand the aging body."

"A valuable series of videos that provide a great start to yoga and to sustained health improvement. I have completed the 8 days and found many of the exercises highly achievable and immediately beneficial,and some to work further with over time. I look forward to repeating the series and developing my own sequences, and perhaps even combining them with deep listening skills as well. Maintaining the regularity of practice will be important, and replaying the videos will be crucial for this! Thank you so much for this great life-enhancing product."

"I LOVE these videos and use them every day now! The calm, lovely presenters offer complete explanations and modifications to make it all accessible for everyone, regardless of physical limitations. Especially if you have been hesitant to go to a yoga class, this is for you. These videos make you feel encouraged and comfortable trying out yoga and discovering its benefits in how you feel and what you can do!"

"I am 72 years of age and have severe osteoporosis, arthritis, and shoulders injured in a tour bus accident. As you see, I have a lot of limitations, but I continue to practice the 7 day videos which allow me to walk outdoors and enjoy the many beautiful flowers, birds, etc. I recommend these videos to everyone."

"Absolutely delighted with my set of DVD's. I have exercised all my life and find these so good for older people... I have noticed a dramatic difference in my well-being after only two days of practice! Looking forward to my session today... Thank you so much to the delightful girl teaching!"

"This video series has been life-changing for both my husband and me. Movement, stretching and breathing have improved us in so many ways. This program has even helped us be aware of another health issue because we were listening to our bodies. I have recommended this to everyone, no matter what age, because of the improvements we have seen personally. Wish we had started this years ago!"

"Thank you for making this yoga DVD series. I love it and it's just what I needed at this time in my life to keep nimble. Good quality and a good price. Bravo!"

Here Are the Videos That You Will Receive

This program includes 3 of our best-selling gentle yoga series: Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Yoga Flows - all for one low price. Here's exactly what you'll get:

Gentle Yoga Practice 1 – Focus on Joints (40 minutes)

Gentle Yoga Practice 2 – Focus on Neck and Shoulders (46 minutes)

Gentle Yoga Practice 3 – Focus on Lower Back (37 minutes)

Gentle Yoga Practice 4 – Focus on Spinal Health (32 minutes)

Gentle Yoga Practice 5 – Focus on Hips (37 minutes)

Gentle Yoga Practice 6 – Focus on Legs (32 minutes)

Gentle Yoga Practice 7 – Focus on Balance (28 minutes)

Gentle Yoga Practice 8 – Full-body Flow (29 minutes)

Flows Practice 1 – Warm Up and Reconnect with Your Body (37-minutes)

Flows Practice 2 – Relax and Release the Tension in Your Body (37 Minutes)

Flows Practice 3 – Invigorate Your Body and Find More Energy (33 Minutes)

Flows Practice 4 – Open Up and See What Your Body Can Do (34-minutes)

Chair Yoga Practice #1 – Focus on Joints (42 minutes)

Chair Yoga Pcartice #2 – Focus on Neck, Shoulders, Wrists and Jaw (41 minutes)

Chair Yoga Practice #3 – Focus on Hips, Legs and Balance (50 minutes)

That's over 10 hours of gentle yoga practice in an easy to follow format, designed just for us.

Order Our Ultimate Gentle Yoga Program and Get on the Path to Health and Happiness!

Do you want to get moving again? Do you want to reconnect with your body and improve your strength, balance and flexibility? Do you want to have the strength to get out into the world and explore? Then, our gentle yoga videos are for you!

Start your yoga journey from the comfort of your living room, today! 

Disclaimer: This yoga course is not intended to treat any particular medical condition.