"Lolly Love" Lollipops - Mixed Flavors Gift Box (200g) - Created by Maximus

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"Lolly Love" is a smile friendly lollipop made of a naturally sourced sugar replacer.

Our Christmas-themed gift box contains about 15 individually packaged lollipops (200g) with a mix of natural flavors of forest berries, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, orange and kiwi.

A perfect tooth-friendly treat that’s also a wonderful Christmas stocking stuffer!

About the Creator

Envisioned and developed by a 5-year old entrepreneur Maximus and poured with his mom Elena in Baar, Switzerland. Max’s dream is to become a train driver, brain-robot surgeon and a serial entrepreneur, like his parents, and to invest 50% of everything he earns.

What is Unique About "Lolly Love" Lollipops?

  • Made of sugar substitute: Isomalt (Parent note: No sugar high! Half calories!)
  • Tooth friendly: doesn't promote bad bacteria in the mouth (Parent note: Smile! It's good for their teeth!)
  • Natural: natural sugar replacer, natural flavor, natural color (Parent note: No nasties!)


Isomalt, citric acid, natural flavors (forest berries, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, lemon, orange, mango and kiwi), natural berry/fruit colors.

Wait... No Sugar?

Lolly Love lollipops contain a minuscule amount of sugar as a part of sprinkles and fruit puree. Not enough to spoil the tooth friendly goodness, but loads of fun and so much taste!

Isomalt is a tooth-friendly natural sugar replacer that's derived from natural sugar beet. It tastes like sugar, but has about half the calories. Even better, it helps to prevent tooth decay.


Maximus hopes you enjoy some of the flavors that he developed and named:

Spook berry 👻

Black supreme ✨

Christmas dream 🎄

Orange mind 🍊

Unicorn fantasy 🦄

Purple clouds ☁️

Delicious rainbow 🌈

Confetti pop 🎉

Starry night ⭐️

Sparkling sea 🌊

Red flash 💥

Daily Serving

Isomalt works like dietary fiber - it can help to stimulate bowel activity and maintain balance of the digestive system. Just like high-fiber foods - plums, cherries or oranges - excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

Please observe the maximum amount of up to 3 Lolly Love lollipops (30 grams) per day for kids aged 3+ and 5 lollies (50 grams) per day for adults to avoid a grumbling tummy.

Questions? Feedback? Wholesale Order?

Maximus can't wait to hear what you think! Please send a note to hello@rockandflame.com. Max will read and reply! And his mom Elena will respond to your wholesale requests. Please reach out - we’re excited to hear from you!