The Story of Rock and Flame

Hi, I'm Elena. Thanks for being here!

After a long corporate career, years of nomadic life and a decade of entrepreneurship, while raising small children, the time came (again) for some soul searching. I found myself torn apart. I felt like I wanted things that were completely opposite. 

I was craving novelty and change, but, I also wanted to be grounded and peaceful. I was seeking thrills and adventures, but also security and calm. I wanted new connections, but, at the same time, I wanted solitude. I needed more space, but, whenever I got it, I immediately missed my loved ones.

Strong and vulnerable. Settled and adventurous. Grounded and free. This inner conflict was burning strong. I had to find balance between my inner rock and flame.

Corona invited us look inwards and appreciate life even more. We learned to reconnect with our family and dear friends, as well as, the beauty of nature. We hiked with hearts full of gratitude and discovered gems at our doorstep. 

I wanted to remember these feelings forever and wished that I could take some of this beauty home.

Rock and Flame was created at the intersection of art and science. I wanted to use the power of technology to create something that showed my love for Switzerland and concern about the changing climate. I wanted to make an object that invites us to slow down, offers time for self-care, and reminds us to cherish nature and everything that we have.

Today, just in time for Christmas, I’m launching my first Swiss mountain candle - Matterhorn.

I hope that Rock and Flame contributes to the fight against climate change, so that our children enjoy glaciers and our gorgeous planet for as long as possible.

If this message resonates with you, let's light up a candle and take a moment for reflection, gratitude and healing.

With gratitude for you, Elena